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 One of a Kind Pieces & Custom Orders  

            Please contact us by e-mail if interested in ordering a custom piece or 
            purchasing an item shown below.
Bowls & Platters
      Purple Pansy Bowl Large   $129.00        Approx. 14" Dia.   *  Sold  *             Morning Glory Bowl  $118.00          Approx. 15" Dia.     *  Sold  *
     Blue Pansy Bowl Med.  $98.00        Approx. 12" Dia.                     Rose Bud Bowl $98.00                    Approx. 10 1/2" Dia.
        Mermaid Shell Bowl  $139.00       Approx.            Hydrangea Platter  $69.00          Approx. 13" Dia.
Morning Glory Platter Round  $59.00    Approx. 12" Dia. Morning Glory Platter Oblong  $65.00     Approx. 12" x 13"    * Sold *

Candle Sticks

                Purple Pansy Candle Sticks               $68.00 set of 2  Approx. 4" high       Pink Morning Glory  Candle Sticks  $68.00 set of 2  Approx. 4" high

Wall Art

            Framed Mini Sea Life   Gold  $80.00       Approx.  7 1/4" Sq.                      Framed Mini Sea Life    Blue       $80.00       Approx.  7 1/4" Sq.
                     Florals   $25.00 each           Approx. 4" sq.

     Double Framed Rose  $39.00         Approx.  6" Sq.                      

         Double Framed Rose                             $48.00                         Approx.  6" Sq.                       



                Patchwork  $175.00                         Approx.  8  1/2" Sq.   

                Order Form

E-mail us at customtiles@cergamicstile.com for more information.



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