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Custom Design and Custom Fabrication Services - Let us Custom Design something for you

If you have not found your perfect tile to suit your needs in our collection of ceramic bas relief tiles, borders, panels, murals and accent tiles, use our custom design services and let us make a custom ceramic design for you.  If you have the time and the budget, Cergamics' custom design and custom fabrication services of bas relief tiles, borders, panels, accent tiles or an entire wall mural, can design  specifically for you. Below describes the custom design services process.


The first phase of of our custom design services is creating a custom ceramic design bas relief tile, panel or mural is the concept.  Drawings are made based on the clients input and requirements.  After preliminary sketches or renderings are done, they are presented to the client for approval.  If alterations are made to the drawings they will re submitted for approval until the clients feels we have expressed their wishes of their custom designed piece, on paper.   When the concept for the clients custom tiles are finally expressed, finished drawings will be made and again, the drawings are submitted to the client for final approval.  Upon approval of the drawings, tracings will then be made to to enable the transfer of the design onto the carving medium.


Above on the left is a final drawing ready to be traced.  Above on the right is a drawing that has already been traced and is ready.  As described above, in dimensional or bas relief tiles, the drawings are traced onto tracing paper to make it easier to transfer the information onto a carving material as shown below.  


The carving material can be different mediums based on the projects.  For most bas relief projects a type of wax material is used.  With the use of carving tools and heat, the carving medium is both added and carved away until completion as shown above.  




Drawings for the Beach Scene Border.  


Progress on carving of the Beach Scene Border as of 2/27/10.


Progress on carving of the Beach Border as of 3/26/10.  Almost done! A Blank Beach filler tile has been added that fits between the Sailboat portion of the Beach Scene Border and the Life Guard Chair portion of the Beach Scene Border.  It can be repeated as many times as desired if between those two tiles.

4\25\10  The Beach Border Tiles have been cast in plaster and the plaster casts are now drying.  Sample tile production will begin later this week.  Along with the Beach Border Tiles are 4  3" Seagull Accent Tiles.


 Once the carving is complete, plaster cast  molds are then made of the finished custom tiles, Panels, murals or wall art.  The casts must be fully dried before use.  In the case of multiple pressings, additional casts are made.


When the plaster cast molds are dry, clay is then pressed into the molds using a hydraulic press and left to dry. 


As the clay dries, the moisture is absorbed by the plaster cast molds and the clay tiles begin to shrink.  The tiles must always be made slightly larger then what the finish product size requirement is because of shrinkage.  

When the tiles have shrunk enough, the tiles are then easily removed from the plaster casts.  The tiles are then put into a drying rack to dry slowly.

When dry enough the  tiles are then painted with an underglaze and then fired in a bisque firing.  The tiles are then glazed and fired a second time which is the glaze firing.  This firing turns the glaze to a glass and permanently marries it to the tile body.


The finished custom tile product.

Duplication of Existing Tiles

Duplication of existing tiles is possible but with limitations.  It is best, if duplicating tiles to be replaced the the entire area be done.  Depending on how old the tile is (older tiles develop a certain patina with age) duplicating a glaze and especially one that has aged is almost impossible so just replacing one or a couple of tiles will be evident.  

Relief tile duplication can also have its limits.  Making a cast of an existing relief tile in the end makes the entire tile smaller by about 6 - 8%.   Plaster casts of tiles must start out larger due to the shrinking that occurs in the drying and firing processes.  If it is not a huge issue that the design on the tile is smaller, the tile size itself can be added to and then cast maintaining the size of the tile but not the design on the tile.  Otherwise, the tile will have to be re-carved as closely as possible and then cast for pressing.  

This would also be true of any of our existing tile designs as well.  We can increase the size of the tile, say a 6" Sailboat tile to an 8" Sailboat tile but the only thing that will increase is the size of the tile, not the size of the design as shown below.  


        Normal 6" Classic Cruiser Sailboat tile         (in Denim with Clear Glaze)


           Custom 8" Classic Cruiser Sailboat tile      (in Denim with Matte Glaze)


Note that the size of the sailboat remains the same.  What has increased is the area around the sailboat.  


Contact us regarding rates on our custom design services:  631 6353-4245 or info@cergamicstile.com


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