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An Artisan Tile collection of custom decorative handmade tile in various themes of Botanical Tiles, Fruit & Vegetable Tiles , Geometric Designed Tiles, Nautical Tiles and Sea Life Themed Tiles for kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall tile, fireplace mantel or any where a decorative wall tile would and could be used.   

   Cergamics Custom Artisan Tiles  -  Custom Decorative Handmade Art Tile Collection  

Botanical Tiles Fruit & Vegetable Tiles Graphic Design Tiles
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Nautical Tiles Sea Life Tiles Field Tile
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House Number Tiles House Plaques Shell Flag
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  A selection Cergamics Custom Art Tiles prior commissioned custom & reproduction projects

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Pansy Bowl Lg Purple2  72.jpg (57324 bytes)   Cergamics Custom Art Pieces for Table & Wall
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Cergamics Custom Art Tiles  is an Artisan Tile studio making custom handmade, hand painted bas relief tile.  All of our tiles are individually hand-made pieces of art and individually made to order for our clients.   Cergamics has an extensive and exquisite original design collection of decorative handmade and hand-painted custom handmade ceramic Bas Relief Artisan Tiles,  accent tiles, border  tiles,  tile panels and tile murals for kitchen backsplash, bathroom tile, fireplace mantels and surrounds, accents to moldings, or any place you would put interior tile.   Our custom ceramic handmade Bas Relief tile,  is a 3 dimensional form of decorative art tiles, accent tiles, border  tiles, tile panels and tile murals are hand-made tiles made to order with colors chosen from our extensive color palette.  Cergamics tile clay body is a white creamy colored earthenware. The tile thickness generally run about  3/8" thick.  The clay body is apparent in all of our tiles due to the wiping technique we use to paint our tiles.  If a client has a specific color they are trying to match,  we at Cergamics will do our best to find a color that will come close if not match. Cergamics has Custom Design Services and can custom design and create a totally one of a kind piece of handmade ceramic Wall Art Tiles, custom ceramic Bas Relief handmade tiles, wall tiles, accent tiles, border tiles, tile panels and tile murals to suit your  individual decorative requirements.  This makes Cergamics a unique and versatile solution to your decorating challenges.   If you are interested in purchasing from Cergamics, please contact us using the contact information below.  Because Because Cergamics Custom Decorative Handmade Artisan Bas Relief Tiles are so customized and are available in so many color variations, we do not usually carry stock on any individual artisan tile.  Every handmade tile order is custom made and hand-painted and we suggest but do not require, there be discussed with each individual client prior to ordering.   We highly recommend requesting Color Chips prior to placing a tile order.  You may place request up to 5 color chips free of charge by going to this page:  Color Chip Order Form.  Please contact us either by phone (631) 653-4245 or e-mail info@cergamicstile.com to discuss your unique order.  We also have a selection of house numbers and house plaques (Please click on the link below to view them).  Please view our products and custom design services listed above.  Most orders have a production time of 4 to 6 weeks.



Definitions / Glossary


Accent Tile:  Are individual handmade custom ceramic tiles that can be just a small accent of color or an image contained on a single tile that can be uses to accent a field of field tile or can be coordinated with a custom tile Panel.  Our Accent Tiles tend to be smaller, generally an 1 inch to 3 inches range.

Artisan Tile:  Is individually hand crafted tile made to order and not mass produced or high production tile.  Each tile can be considered an original piece of art since no two tiles will ever look identical.  

Bas Relief :   A sculptural 3 dimensional type of custom handmade tile, Tile Panels, Tile Murals or Wall Art Tiles that has been carved into a discernible design or pattern.  

Choosing Colors:  When making your selection, if you intend to do use multiple colors (polychrome special), then the glaze color must be the same.

Decorative Ceramic Tiles:  Are individual handmade custom ceramic tiles with an image contained on a single tile.  Our Decorative Tiles tend to generally be in size range of 4 or 6 inches.

Tile Panels & Tile Murals:  Both consist of multiple handmade custom ceramic tiles put together to form an image.  A panel will consist of approximately 4 to 20 or 30 tiles and a mural is generally larger and could be as large as an entire wall.

Field Tile, Filler Tile or Plain Tile:  Is the field or filler tile that is used between the decorative ceramic tiles or the ceramic tile murals or tile panels.  

Bullnose and Finished Edges:  A bullnosed tile is generally a piece of our field tiles that has been rounded off on one edge.  A double bullnose would be two edges.  A finished edge is one edge side of a tile that has been glazed.  

Clay Body:  Our tiles are made of a creamy white earthenware and tiles are usually approximately 3/8" in thickness.

Custom Design and Custom Fabrication Services: Are custom ceramic design and custom fabrication services that we can provide, at an hourly rate, to design and fabricate a totally custom bas relief tile, border, panel, mural, art or decorative piece.

Wiping Technique:  The way we paint our tiles is to apply an under-glaze to the bas relief tile (or field tile) and then wipe off the tiles with a damp sponge.   This predominately removes the under-glaze from raised sections of the bas relief tiles and leaves the underglaze in the recesses of the tiles.  The clay body is always evident in all of our tiles.

Monochrome:  A hand-painted single glaze color only.

Polychrome:  Are both hand-painted underglaze color and a single glaze color.

Polychrome Special:  Detail hand-painted underglazes  with two or  more colors and a single glaze color.

Glazed Edges are $1.25 per edge and Bullnosed Edges and Glazed are $3.25 per edge.


Company Profile

Our custom handmade ceramic tile studio is a result of the collaboration of an accomplished ceramist and a talented fine arts painter/sculptor.  Our custom design skills are also enhanced by our combined knowledge of interior design, bathroom and kitchen construction techniques, retail tile business and ceramic tile installation experience.  Our ability to create beautiful and original design decorative handmade Custom Designed Ceramic Bas Relief Art Tiles, Panels and Murals is coupled with the dedication to both the art and tradition of ceramic artisan tiles and is reflected in every tile.  Custom decorative handmade tile possess a warmth and charm hard to recreate with a manufactured tile.  Their beauty individualizes a home or place of business, as only the dance of hand and clay can.  All orders are custom handmade, hand painted orders made specifically for our clients.   News Paper Article

Because Cergamics custom ceramic design bas relief tiles are so customized and are available in so many color variations, we are unable to accept orders through our website and we do not usually carry stock on any individual item.  Every tile order is custom made and therefore must be discussed with each individual client.  


Contact Information

You can contact us by the methods listed below or leave us a comment or request literature by going to our Information Request page.  Tiles may be ordered by contacting us directly.

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